Leslie Ann Weinberg

I am a highly creative, business- and analytically-minded, jack-of-all-trades Graphic Designer and Creative Strategist who is obsessed with the power of poignant, meaningful visual communication. I am all about translating marketing and business objectives into creative, effective visual media across all touchpoints that intuitively informs users and resonates with consumers. I bring over 17 years of experience in marketing communications, user-interaction, branding, and graphic design. With expertise in a broad range of design, prototyping, and motion software applications, along with my ability to collaborate effectively with stakeholders, and senior management, and project content, design and development teams, I believe with confidence that my talents, skills, and experience will significantly benefit your business.

Marketing Skills

Creative Direction

Marketing Communications

Brand Strategy and Launch

Campaign Management

Market Analysis & Strategy

User / Consumer Research

Design Skills

Branding & Identity Design

Large-Scale/Display Graphics



Print & Digital Media

Web, UI, & Social Media


Package Design

Technical Skills

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe CC

Microsoft Office



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